What is Auto Chess?

DOTA 2 Auto Chess is a Deck Building game that challenges its players to build the strongest team they can to destroy their opponents, whether they be computer controlled enemies, or the much more nefarious enemy players.

The Basics

Your Turn

A Turn can be broken into 3 main actions:

1. Buying
2. Placing
3. Fighting

These actions each have a significant level of depth in their potential for gameplay impact, but first let's take a look at their simplest forms.


At the beginning of each Round, players are given a particular amount of in game currency (gold, $, mana).

Players can choose to spend this money to purchase units, Chess Pieces, and add them to their team.

To access the 'Store', simply press Spacebar by default.

Each Chess Piece in the store has a cost. Typically, more expensive units are stronger, more durable, or otherwise better than lower cost units.


Once you have purchased a Chess Piece, you will want to place it onto your Chess Board.

The half of the Chess Board closest to the bottom of the board is yours to place into as you see fit. Each tile can hold a single Chess Piece, and a Chess Piece must be moved off of a tile before you can place a new one in that same tile.

Make sure to have your player character, or 'Courier' selected and either press 'Q' or click the left most ability icon, click on the unit you would like to move, and finally click into the tile where you would like to place the Chess Piece.

Careful placement of Chess Pieces is paramount to domination, and is a skill which you will develop as you continue to play. 


This portion of each Turn is when you get to see the pay off from your hard work. 

The units you purchased, the specific locations you placed them in, and the strategy with which you have approached these previous sections will determine how effective your team is during the Fighting stage.

The most important thing to consider is that you are UNABLE to interact or aid your team during this portion of the Turn. Use this time wisely! Think about what you plan on doing, take a look at how other players are doing and what team compositions they may be going for.

Even though you can't help your team immediately, there is plenty you can do during this time to set yourself up for success.

Auto Chess...WTF?

“Chess is a war over the board. The object is to crush the opponent’s mind.” – Bobby Fischer

We aim to give you the tools to destroy those foolish enough to oppose you. Within these pages, and this whole site, you will find the vital information that you need in order to conquer the playing field and become KING of the arena.