About Us

The Team

We are a very small group (3 guys) with a passion for Web Design and Dota Auto Chess 😃

Front End Developer - Waffleman
Back End Developer - Auro
Data/Community - Oleg

The Dream

We love making cool stuff. All we really want to do is keep making cool stuff for great communities.

We take pride in our work, and we like to think it shows!

The Site

AutoChessWTF is a resource for noobs and pros alike.

Whether you want to show your friends the new game you're playing, or strategizing for your next big rank push, we've got what you need!

Our biggest strength is our insatiable hunger for feedback. Send us what you like, what you hate, and what just kinda seems bland. We'll take it all and continue to improve on the resources we hope you will use with as much passion as we have put into them.

If you would like to help us keep this site running, please head over to our simple Donate Page. Donations will primarily be used to cover the costs of running the site, and anything left over will be used to further our growth and what we can provide.

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